Technic cosmetics |Roller Ball Lipgloss | Review 😐

Technic cosmetics have a range of fruity roll on lipglosses that I have been wanting to try for the longest, they have them in a few different flavours and I picked cherry 🍒

The tube is very attractive with pictures of the fruit and the roller ball is really a cute way to present the fruity lipgloss, they are also the perfect size for popping in your travel bag or purse.

I was thinking it was going to be really tasty giving the packaging and the look. When I went to trinity the roller ball doesn’t work 😬 I tried everything and the lipgloss just won’t come out at all. So it was very disappointing as overall I think this is a great product but I would have to give it a bad review as the gloss won’t come out. What a shame.

The feature of the product is the roller ball so you can glide the lipgloss on with ease, but its not built correct, you will need to remove the roller ball or mess around with it to even get a bit of gloss out of it, sadly I wouldn`t reccomend buying this product. I think technic cosmetics needs to redesign the packaging to be fair.