Ariana grande | All about the REM beauty line | Thoughts and Opinions 🤔🙊😛

Ariana grande has a super successful music career, she has fans all over the world. She is also a young woman who loves fashion and makeup and has decided to launch her own makeup line named R.E.M Beauty. REM stands for rapid eye movement, other artists such as rhianna and selena gomez have launched a beauty line with ariana coming up behind them with R.E.M. Arianas first ever collection with R.E.M beauty dropped in november 2021. Ariana has been quoted as saying..

“I wanted to make sure that everything looked kind of like a prop from Star Trek or Black Mirror or something like that because I wanted to treat it kind of like an Apple, Tesla situation. I didn’t want it to look like makeup,” she said.

Ariana grande has said that her brands collections will be released in drops just as fashion brands do with clothing collections. Ariana grande is a big fan of sci-fi and that translates into her packaging of her makeup. The packaging looks so different to other makeup lines such as rhiannas fenty beauty. It stands out in its own field. New products in her collections include a check and lip stick and also a cooling blurring undereye balm.

While creating R.E.M beauty line ariana tested her products on her own face when she appeared on the voice as a judge, so she could test how it looked on camera with her team then take notes with her team on how to improve the makeup products.

“I’ve been wearing all of these products on The Voice. I wear them all the time to work. I wear them on TV. I’m always wearing the marker and the lip. And everyone asks, ‘What are you wearing?’ And I’m like, I don’t know, so this is exciting to finally be able to say [r.e.m. beauty]. It’s been really cool to secretly test and see them on TV.”

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You can have a look at arianas products on the website at

Here are some press videos all about R.E.M beauty if you want to know more and see it in action …

Overall I think arianas beauty line is well designed and the products have been really thought out, some makeup lines seem rushed but I feel a lot of work went into ariana grandes makeup collection and business. I`m so surprised and also the website is really well designed, so easy to navigate. What are your thought on Arianas beauty line ? whats your favourite product ?

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