Collection incredibrow tinted brow mascara | Collection incredibrow brow primer | Review 👌❤️

Collection formerly known as collection 2000 have some cute eyebrow products on sale just now. Today I want to review tinted brow mascara and also the eyebrow primer stick! Both products are vegan. The tinted mascara comes in three different shades light, medium and dark. You can pick them up instore at Superdrug or boots, check out collection cosmetics website here.

When it comes to reviews I always want to be 100 percent honest even if its a negative review, the eyebrow primer looks impressive. It has jojoba oil and vitamins etc to nourish the eyebrows and primes the eyebrows for tint and colour etc. The stick has a turner that is meant to release the serum to apply onto your brows but it doesn’t work. I tried squeezing the tube and turning/pushing but nope nothing came out. Its such a fantastic product but its useless to use.

On the other hand the tinted brow mascara worked so perfectly, looked amazing when it was on and the colour was excellent on my brows, my brows are actually black so getting a super dark tint is a no no. I always go for light to medium to lighten up my brows, id say this is one of the best tinted brow products I have used so far.


Happy eyebrows 😜