Your guide to nail shapes | Tutorials | Tips & tricks 💅✨💋

While filing your nails I bet you don’t really think so much about your nail shape! In this post we will go over different styles of nail shapes and also a how to guide on how to file them into the shapes. its important to take into consideration your lifestyle when picking out nail shapes, stilletto nails are a no no for a hairdresser etc. if you are still unsure about following my instructions there are so many good tutorials on youtube on how to create shapes on filed nails. Happy filing !

First off we will start with the most common nail shape :

Round Nails : Round nails are the most common nail shape and are suitable for just about any woman, very suitable for people who are hairdressers or beauticians, to achieve this look file the free ridge from side wall to side wall in a round manner.

Square shape : This is a very glamorous classic nail shape, it will make any nail polish look fabulous. To achieve this look file the sides of the free ridge up and down and then file the tops straight across, These style of nails are perfect for an office girl who types and picks up the phone, as there are no pointy ends getting in the way.

Squoval or squared oval : The squoval is basically a squared off oval shape, to create this look create a square nail by filing the sides of the free ridge up and down and filing the tops straight across and then gently just round of the left and right sides ever so slightly to create the squoval vibe!

Oval shape : This shape is very similar looking to round shaped nails but there are differences, oval nails are longer and a bit higher and rounder will be smaller in height, the roundness on the sides of the oval nail are more prominent than on round ! To achieve this look you will keep the sides of the free ridge straight and like you are doing a square and then you would round of the right and left edges. Similar method to a squoval nail but on squoval the left and right edges of made obviously square and not rounded !