Your guide to nail shapes | Tutorials | Tips & tricks πŸ’…βœ¨πŸ’‹

While filing your nails I bet you don’t really think so much about your nail shape! In this post we will go over different styles of nail shapes and also a how to guide on how to file them into the shapes. its important to take into consideration your lifestyle when picking out nail shapes, stilletto nails are a no no for a hairdresser etc. if you are still unsure about following my instructions there are so many good tutorials on youtube on how to create shapes on filed nails. Happy filing !

First off we will start with the most common nail shape :

Round Nails : Round nails are the most common nail shape and are suitable for just about any woman, very suitable for people who are hairdressers or beauticians, to achieve this look file the free ridge from side wall to side wall in a round manner.

Square shape : This is a very glamorous classic nail shape, it will make any nail polish look fabulous. To achieve this look file the sides of the free ridge up and down and then file the tops straight across, These style of nails are perfect for an office girl who types and picks up the phone, as there are no pointy ends getting in the way.

Squoval or squared oval : The squoval is basically a squared off oval shape, to create this look create a square nail by filing the sides of the free ridge up and down and filing the tops straight across and then gently just round of the left and right sides ever so slightly to create the squoval vibe!

Oval shape : This shape is very similar looking to round shaped nails but there are differences, oval nails are longer and a bit higher and rounder will be smaller in height, the roundness on the sides of the oval nail are more prominent than on round ! To achieve this look you will keep the sides of the free ridge straight and like you are doing a square and then you would round of the right and left edges. Similar method to a squoval nail but on squoval the left and right edges of made obviously square and not rounded !

The best neon orange nail Polish | makeup revolution | Review πŸ’…πŸ‘πŸ‘‹

Just wanted to share with you a very quick review of makeup revolutions neon orange nail polish, as you can see in the pictures it definitely delivers as being ” neon ” This is one of my all time favourite nail polishes. When you are outside the shine off it is even better it just seems to glow in the natural light and looks so so pretty !

You can find this nail polish online or instore at Superdrug, they also have more colours in the neon range to choose from. Let me know in the comment section what your thoughts are on the makeup revolutions neon nail polish, I think the neon nail range is the best on the market if I’m honest but who knows, does anyone have another neon polish to suggest ?

Nail art tools guide πŸ’…πŸŽ¨βœ¨

Fancy trying some nail art? Here you will find a simple breakdown of the tools you will need to create amazing looks at home and save money going to the salon ! remember having the correct tools and the know how you can go really far, hopefully you enjoy this guide and create some lovely new nail designs. If you are unsure of the tools and brushes you can google each of the names and you will easily find a visual.

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on

Dotter – Perfect for creating dots all over your nails with nail polish, this is probably the most popular and recognised nail art tool that’s out there.

Fan Brush – This brush is used for layering and blending your nail colours and also can be used to brush off stray glitter.

Nail striping tape – You can find nail striping tape online such as on ebay, you can create any sort of lines you wan on your nail using this easy method. You can use masking tape to create lines or shapes too by simply cutting a design into it carefully!

Striper brushes – Haha not sripper brushes lol, striper brushes create stripes hence the name, These are easy to use and a must have for any girl who loves to create nail art at home.

Foundation sponges – You can use square foundation sponges to create ombre looks on nails but be earned it does take some practice, the ombre effect is very trendy and can look fabulous if done properly.

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Detail Brush– This brush is stiff to give you control over intricate designs, think of it like a paintbrush specifically for nails! you will need this brush if your serious about nail art.

Nail Art Polish – These are skinny bottles of nail polish that come with a striper brush built into the top, you can easily create designs. Brands sell these such as NYX Cosmetics or you can get them on amazon or ebay.

Flat brush – These brushes are perfect for short strokes, like drawing in the white tips of a French manicure, or some detail on flowers etc, id ay this is more of an advanced nail art tool which will be used by beauticians more. If your really upping your nail art game I would suggest getting this brush and all other special nail brushes.

Nail art pens – These are the newest kids on the block, they are basically designed like pens so you can draw like you would be using a pen or pencil. I personally don’t like these as I find it dries up and becomes hard to use and I think that’s a reason they haven’t really toke off in the beauty world, some people love em some hate em lol.

Nail Art Gems – You can find just about any colour of nail art gems, blue, green yellow etc. Simply use nail glue to stick them on. Only down side is that through out time they will break off as we use our hands everyday! and it can be annoying having to glue them back on.