Nhs | healthy start Voucher scheme | Check if your eligible 🍉🍇🍅🍓🍒

The nhs have a fantastic healthy start voucher scheme available for eligible families that will help you buy basic food and milk that are nutritious to your baby and also help during pregnancy. Your only allowed to buy certain things with the vouchers such as fruit and vegetables and infant formula, this can be a great help especially in these days and times.

Photo by Katie E on Pexels.com

You’ll get:

  • £4.25 each week of your pregnancy (from the 10th week of your pregnancy)
  • £8.50 each week for children from birth to 1 year old
  • £4.25 each week for children between 1 and 4 years old

Your money will stop after your child’s 4th birthday, or if you no longer receive benefits.

You can also get free Healthy Start vitamins *

Apply here : https://www.healthystart.nhs.uk/how-to-apply/

or phone :0345 607 6823 and ask for an application to be sent by post, or ask your midwife. Also be sure to ask about the vitamins too, tablets for pregnant woman and vitamin drops for babies! Do not be afraid to ask especially if you are entitled to this healthy start benefit. It was reported that this scheme was underclaimed and there are thousands of woman and babies missing out on this fantastic opportunity to stay healthy!

Over 21,000 retail outlets are registered across the UK, including many independent local shops and pharmacies. You can check which shops in your area are registered. Please be aware that not all retailers are signed up so there may be only a selective amount of shops you can spend the vouchers in.