6 Vitamin C Serums That Will Transform Your Skin

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The vitamin that makes orange juice so nutritious also happens to be one the the most powerful players in skincare. Obviously, we’re talking vitamin C. 

Apart from being your saving grace during a cold that just won’t quit, the vitamin can help brighten dark spots, even out skin tone, and support collagen production. In other words, there’s a reason why there are so many serums with Vitamin C — it’s a versatile ingredient that can work wonders for the skin.

Whether your dermatologist recommended adding one to your routine, or your friend is swearing by their vitamin C splurge and you want in on the hype, here are a few of the best out right now. 

No7 Youthful Vitamin C Fresh Radiance Essence

At less than $30, you can’t really beat the price of this radiance-boosting vitamin C-based serum, which promises results in two weeks.

Buy at Target $25

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare C +…

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My biggest hairstyle change and how I’m treating my hair (with avocado hair mask recipe)

The Natural Glow Guide

My hair journey isn’t unique at all, and like so many, I’ve experienced a love-hate relationship with my brown tresses. After years of dyeing, straightening, and neglecting my hair, I decided to go heat-free. And while my hair is the healthiest it’s ever been, after many years of embracing my natural hair, it felt like my hair never fully healed.

The healing process was disheartening at times since many girls would comment on my hair. While I would change in PE, one girl would make a point to touch my hair and inspect my hair and say it looked “really dry”. There were also many instances when people told me my hair would look “so much better” if I just “did it” (a term referencing the straightening of your hair).

As I grew older and less susceptible to snarky comments, I realised there was absolutely nothing wrong with my type…

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Juvia’s Place Sweet Pink Palette Review — The Olive Unicorn Beauty Review – Reblog

After much debate , I decided to try the Sweet Pink Palettes as I have both mini purples. I was considering the Mauves too, but I took to long and it sold out. Which I still may try that out, but I’m still happy to try this pink palette. The pictures online do not do […]Juvia’s… Continue reading Juvia’s Place Sweet Pink Palette Review — The Olive Unicorn Beauty Review – Reblog