Luxskin | Skin cleansing brush | Review ⚡💭😛

Luxskin is one of the most popular skincare brands out there, with luxskin cleansing brush you can easily remove, dead skin, makeup, dirt and fake tan ! Visit for info and also there are always great deals on and also an option to pay up your luxskin products.

  • Results in as little as 1 session
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Gently remove dead skin, dirt, and makeup
  • Prevent Acne and breakouts
  • Deepest cleanse for flawless skin
  • Water resistant – can be used in the shower.(although we don’t suggest to fully submerge the device in water)
  • USB charge, no batteries required


Step 1: Ensure device is charged (3 hours for the first use)

Step 2: Attach the brush head of your choice. Simply pull/push to remove and attach the brush head.

Step 3: For best results use after wetting your face with warm water. You may choose to apply a face cleanser if you wish.

Step 4: Press the white power button once for low speed and twice for high speed.

Step 5: Clean around your face in circular motions for several minutes.

Step 6: Wash your face off with warm and apply a moisturiser or serum to keep the skin hydrated.

As a beauty Journalist/Blogger I review a lot of beauty products and know about what makes a good quality beauty product. The timing it toke to arrive in the post was a bit long so I think they need to improve upon that. At first I was skeptical about luxskins products I thought maybe it was just a cheap cleansing brush that was in a fancy box but no I was surprised! the box and packaging are lovely, nice and girly and pink. The brands aesthetic is spot on! The brush itself seems well built and the brush head attachments are off high quality. The brush is usb chargable which is so good, an works with one click, click once it spins, click twice it spins faster, click again switch off. Overall I would give this product a 9 out of 10!!

6 Vitamin C Serums That Will Transform Your Skin

Kassy Rose Makeup Artistry

The vitamin that makes orange juice so nutritious also happens to be one the the most powerful players in skincare. Obviously, we’re talking vitamin C. 

Apart from being your saving grace during a cold that just won’t quit, the vitamin can help brighten dark spots, even out skin tone, and support collagen production. In other words, there’s a reason why there are so many serums with Vitamin C — it’s a versatile ingredient that can work wonders for the skin.

Whether your dermatologist recommended adding one to your routine, or your friend is swearing by their vitamin C splurge and you want in on the hype, here are a few of the best out right now. 

No7 Youthful Vitamin C Fresh Radiance Essence

At less than $30, you can’t really beat the price of this radiance-boosting vitamin C-based serum, which promises results in two weeks.

Buy at Target $25

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare C +…

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Dr botanicals | Kiwi superfood eye serum | Review 🥝👀❤️

Kiwi superfood eye serum comes in a 15ml dropper bottle which you can easily use to apply the serum to your face. the serum is to be used around the eye area, you can gently pat the serum in and around the eye area after you apply. The serum feels very cold and cooling and really soaks into the skin. I though this serum would smell of kiwi and it does ever so slightly !

This product is cruelty free and also vegan, it also has 98.4 % natural ingredients !

Lets break down some of the features of the product :

eye serum

Kiwi fruit oil : helps to maintain moisture in the skin

Matrikine peptide 6 : helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles which is what we need around the eye area for those crows feet !

Grapefruit Essential Oil : High levels of vitamin c and helps reduce oily skin.

This product smells good, the packaging is nice. It does what it says it does, its very cooling around the eye area with no irritation or redness, I feel like it reduced my eye creases and smoothed out my skin. I like all the ingredients and I would recommend this product to anyone looking to treat or prevent eye are wrinkles and gaining more moisture around this area.

Dr botanicals cocoa noir time reverse facial serum – review 😁🌈🌱

Believe in the power of botanicals with this time reversing serum, get a youthful and nourished glow after using this facial serum! Apply 2 to 3 drops on your face and rub in, you can do this before bed or first thing in the morning. I like to apply this before bed and can feel a difference straight away. I am a big fan of natural based facial oils and dr botanicals cocoa noir has to be my one of my favourites. My skin feels incredibly moisturised ad fresh after applying this oil.

Lovely clear oil ✨

The three main oils in this product are : Geranium flower oil, Neroli Oil, Seabuckthorn Oil. each of these oils have skin loving properties. Several small studies, including one reported in the Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences indicate that neroli oil has antimicrobial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. This may make it helpful for reducing acne breakouts and skin irritation -

My skin after applying 😛

Dr botanicals are a wonderful skincare company and I have enjoyed many of their products in the past would recommend them if you are looking for a night oil such as cocoa noir etc. Here are the links so you can have a look yourself at the different products available.

Cocoa Noir Serum –