Barry m | neon brights pallete | review + Swatches 🤔👎🤦‍♀️

This eyeshadow pallete retails at £7.99 instore and online, I was given this pallete as a gift and was very happy with it as I love neon eyeshadows… only to find that only about 2 shades in the pallete are actually neon… wtf ??

I hate misleading marketing and as blogger its my job to do reviews and give my honest opinion on products and this product is a big no no… I don’t understand how any body can get away with calling a pallete neon brights when only 2 shades are actually bright!

I would no recommend this pallete at all, some of the shades are so pastel they are weak and then some shades have some glitter in them which it does not state on the front. Barry M has lost me on this one. Its very plain to see they are ripping off thier fans by misleadingly calling it ” neon brights” there’s no way that’s neon at all.

When I done some swatches on my arm I used a camera flash and the only two shades that came up bright were the glittery yellow and the pale blue, under my camera light the pallette/swatches does look brighter but in real lighting the shades are so weak. Big disappointment ! I don’t think its possible to create neon eye looks with this product at all ;(

The shades I like the most are scorched and laser beam but overall I don’t like this pallette at all, its not bright enough for me. What are your opinions on this ?

Leave your thoughts and comment below!

The most luxurious massage oil ever | Bristol cbd | review 🥂❤

Bristol cbd massage oil just might be the most luxurious massage oil ever, contains 500 mg of cbd to relax your muscles and calm your mind also contains a host of other others that are perfect for massaging into your skin such as lavander oil, rosemary oil, sunflower oil, sage etc. The perfect massage potion in my eyes.

I ordered this for 20 pound from and it came the next day with super fast delivery! I love giving and receiving massages so I had to have this product when I saw it online, you can also use this product to add to your bath and it smells so gorgeous too! The lavender and rosemary have a lovely aroma.

Note this product is for external use only and should not be consumed, You can massage 2 or 3 drops into your problematic area for 1 to 3 times a day or just use it for a luxurious all over body massage ! It comes in 100ml bottle for 20 pounds. You can use code BREE20 at checkout if you would like 20 percent off !!!

Beauty Mystery boxes guide | 2021 | Prices & items 🌟📦

All you need to know about the best beauty mystery boxes on the market for 2021, beauty mystery boxes have become very popular in the last few years. They are a box or bag of products which you receive for 10 pound or 20 pound often containing up to 10 to 15 products which obviously you don’t know what they are. Makes the perfect gift !

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Grab a bargain with one of SHRINE’s sample sale goodie bags!! With a random selection of our best selling products you’re guaranteed not to be disappointed. This £10 bag contains over £50 worth of products. 

W7 Cosmetics mystery box retails at only 20 pound and has a makeup value inside up to £40 pounds, The box is very pretty and comes in baby pink, a lot of positive reviews are online about this mystery box. it does not specify how many items you get though.

Beauty UK cosmetics mystery box contains a mixture of products for just 15 pound and has a value of up to £40 pounds, they say that each box is different. There are positive reviews saying that some boxes contained up to 8 items. The boxes are on sale for a limited time only !

Roccabox mystery box includes 5 (sometimes 6) of our best loved products across skincare, makeup and accessories, it is 10 pound to buy and boasts as having a much larger value inside.

Products include top selling eyes, lips, face, skin care, brushes & tools. Contains 12 products for 45 pounds. If your into elf cosmetics then this one is for you!

Take two cosmetics currently has a beauty mystery box on sale for 20 pound with a value of 40 pound containing up to 4 products, perfect gift for a girlfriend or work friend.

Grad 7 full sized items for 25 pounds from pur cosmetics, reviews are positive with some containing large eyeshadow pallets and brush sets and they all look high quality.

Garnier | Ultimate Blends Hair Food Banana | 3-in-1 Dry Hair Mask Treatment | Review 🍌💖✨

This 3in1 intensive hair treatment can be used in 3 different ways: as a conditioner, rinse-out hair mask or leave-in conditioner. I had a look at some reviews online and people are saying that after a few weeks of use they feel they have stronger healthy hair, somebody else said that it was the best conditioner they had ever used. My hair is currently very damaged due to a bad bleaching job and I’m in the process of growing it in so hair products like this are very attractive to me. So first off this product boasts about being :

  • 98% Natural Ingredients – Blended with Banana & Shea
  • YES: Vegan Formula – No animal ingredients or by-products
  • YES: 98% Biodegradable Formula – as per OECD 301 or equivalent tests
  • NO: Silicones for a natural feel
My hair mask…

Sounds good to me… so into the review, I thought that for the price of £3.99 you are getting a large tub that you will get to use maybe 2 months or so ( use it wisely lol ) I choose banana but there other mixes such as coconut oil and papaya available in this range too. I thought it would smell so much of banana when I took the lid off but it didn’t so was disappointed at that but its not about how the product smells its about how it does its job!

Find it online here >

3 ways to use This hair mask with tips and tricks

5 MINUTE HAIR MASK – Apply product all over the hair working in sections, your best to tie your hair up and leave some hanging down then take a little hair down and work the product in, working through each section of hair systematically. Make sure you dont over do the product amount as this can make you have greasy hair once you wash it out. Tie ypur hair up and let the hair mask soak in for 5 mins or so, for better results leave on for 20 mins!

LEAVE IN CONDITIONER – Leave in conditioner can be applied to wet or dry hair, take a small amount and apply to lengths and ends only! Use little amount and apply with fingers and run through the hair. Simply leave it on and let it do its work.

USE AS NORMAL CONDITIONER AFTER SHAMPOOING – Simply use as a conditioner after shampooing your hair, If you have dry or very damaged hair I would go for doing the hair mask. Using it as a conditioner will only create shine and make it more soft. A product like this works well when on the hair for sometime.

Little tricks to get the most out of your hair mask

Once hair mask is applied use cling film to wrap around your head so you can walk about and do your housework etc

For very damaged hair you need more time, such as 20 to 30 minuets

Hair masks are safe to use on children, but be careful they don’t get product in their eyes or mouth. You can do a hair mask night with your daughter or daughters!

Apply your mask with a wide tooth comb

Only use your hair mask twice a week

Home Bargains Vanity Case | Review | Only £20 😯😻

So who exactly is Olivia Hale ? Is she a beauty blogger, a makeup artist or somebody made up ? It all started when I got myself a lovely new makeup case before Christmas for storage. I spotted it in home bargains and at £20 pound I thought it was a brilliant bargain, I already have cases like this one but just not of this size. The amount of space inside is fantastic.

A few months later I went back for another one as I was getting so much interest from everyone about where it was from, The tag said Olivia Hale on it, I thought it must be a celebrity from love island etc but when I got home to google I couldn’t find out who it was. There were so many beauty vloggers doing olivia hale makeup reviews but no mention of who it is. So this is an itch I have to scratch…. who is olivia hale ??

I have tweeted home bargains to ask.. who exactly is olivia hale ? So well see what they come up with, if I’m honest they should keep it secret because it seems more interesting not to know the answer.

Dr botanicals cocoa noir time reverse facial serum – review 😁🌈🌱

Believe in the power of botanicals with this time reversing serum, get a youthful and nourished glow after using this facial serum! Apply 2 to 3 drops on your face and rub in, you can do this before bed or first thing in the morning. I like to apply this before bed and can feel a difference straight away. I am a big fan of natural based facial oils and dr botanicals cocoa noir has to be my one of my favourites. My skin feels incredibly moisturised ad fresh after applying this oil.

Lovely clear oil ✨

The three main oils in this product are : Geranium flower oil, Neroli Oil, Seabuckthorn Oil. each of these oils have skin loving properties. Several small studies, including one reported in the Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences indicate that neroli oil has antimicrobial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. This may make it helpful for reducing acne breakouts and skin irritation -

My skin after applying 😛

Dr botanicals are a wonderful skincare company and I have enjoyed many of their products in the past would recommend them if you are looking for a night oil such as cocoa noir etc. Here are the links so you can have a look yourself at the different products available.

Cocoa Noir Serum –

Mascara Hacks Every Girl Should Know 😁😻

Every few months there is always a new mascara on the scene, thicker, longer and more powerfull than ever ! Beauty companies invent new names like milliondollar eyes and push up drama. Whatever macara you prefer to use here are some simple hacks to improve your beauty routine 👏😘


To revive old dried up mascara boil some water and put it in a cup then add your mascara for a few minutes. This should do the trick !

For fuller thicker looking eyelashes apply your mascara over the top of your eyelash a d brush down… then do the nornal brushing up the way.. repeat on next eye and wallah.. beautifull eyelashes (just be careful while brushing down the way lol 😂)

Dont pump your mascara wand in and out the tube a lot as this is what dries the formula out by letting air in.

Before applying your mascara if you like to use eyelash curlers…..give them a heat with your blow-dryer then curl. Be careful about how hot they are though !

Always use Q tips to remove any stains around your eye. Do it quickly though as you dont want to be wiping hard and spoil your mascara.

If your mascara game is really strong and you like a lot on.. you can use your hairdryer cool blast setting to help the mascara dry in to your lashes.. fantastic tip and it takes seconds !

Apply your mascara then add a little baby powder to your eyelashes with a qtip then apply your mascara over it again.. this will create volume and fullness !

All natural DIY green beauty serums for bigger beautifull eyelashes 🌱😜

Sick of putting chemicals and fake lashes on ? Well this post is for you… learn about what you can apply to your eyelashes to help them grow. All 100 percent natural 😁 Green beauty all the way !!!! 

organic eyelash frowth
Photo by The Devil on

Castor oil and olive oil work wonders together, use a mascara wand to apply this every morning for stronger thicker lashes 💋

Jojoba oil Contains, Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex, silicon, chromium, copper and zinc. It also contains beneficial fatty acids that moisturize and keep lashes soft and nourished. Simply apply with a mascara wand daily.

Eating more fruits and vegetables can also enhance eyelash growth. It’s true if you eat better you look better 😂😁 So start improving your diet !

Vitamin C protects eyelashes from infections that would inhibit hair growth.  It also hydrates lashes, accelerates healing, repairs follicle damage, lessens inflammation, and lowers the risk of eyelash breakage.

Good sources of vitamin C include citrus fruit, cranberries, strawberries, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, pineapples, tomatoes and kale.

Coconut oil is packed full of fatty acids and nutrition, apply virgin coconut oil to your lashes to prevent eyelash loss. It is also good for killing bacteria on the eyelashes and any dryness around your eyes.

You can also mix up Jojoba with Olive oil, or Coconut with Castor to create new blends, you can buy packs of cheap mascara wands on eBay and also little containers to keep your serum in 💋

🌱Enjoy your green beauty eyelash growth journey 🌱

Nail art tools guide 💅🎨✨

Fancy trying some nail art? Here you will find a simple breakdown of the tools you will need to create amazing looks at home and save money going to the salon ! remember having the correct tools and the know how you can go really far, hopefully you enjoy this guide and create some lovely new nail designs. If you are unsure of the tools and brushes you can google each of the names and you will easily find a visual.

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on

Dotter – Perfect for creating dots all over your nails with nail polish, this is probably the most popular and recognised nail art tool that’s out there.

Fan Brush – This brush is used for layering and blending your nail colours and also can be used to brush off stray glitter.

Nail striping tape – You can find nail striping tape online such as on ebay, you can create any sort of lines you wan on your nail using this easy method. You can use masking tape to create lines or shapes too by simply cutting a design into it carefully!

Striper brushes – Haha not sripper brushes lol, striper brushes create stripes hence the name, These are easy to use and a must have for any girl who loves to create nail art at home.

Foundation sponges – You can use square foundation sponges to create ombre looks on nails but be earned it does take some practice, the ombre effect is very trendy and can look fabulous if done properly.

Photo by Element5 Digital on

Detail Brush– This brush is stiff to give you control over intricate designs, think of it like a paintbrush specifically for nails! you will need this brush if your serious about nail art.

Nail Art Polish – These are skinny bottles of nail polish that come with a striper brush built into the top, you can easily create designs. Brands sell these such as NYX Cosmetics or you can get them on amazon or ebay.

Flat brush – These brushes are perfect for short strokes, like drawing in the white tips of a French manicure, or some detail on flowers etc, id ay this is more of an advanced nail art tool which will be used by beauticians more. If your really upping your nail art game I would suggest getting this brush and all other special nail brushes.

Nail art pens – These are the newest kids on the block, they are basically designed like pens so you can draw like you would be using a pen or pencil. I personally don’t like these as I find it dries up and becomes hard to use and I think that’s a reason they haven’t really toke off in the beauty world, some people love em some hate em lol.

Nail Art Gems – You can find just about any colour of nail art gems, blue, green yellow etc. Simply use nail glue to stick them on. Only down side is that through out time they will break off as we use our hands everyday! and it can be annoying having to glue them back on.

Spray tan preparation routine step by step✨👍😉

If this is your first time getting a spray tan or the 100th time your preparation matters! To get the best out of your spray tan it is advisable to follow these steps below which I have wrote out step by step for you. First off preparation should be done 24 hours before you go to your spray tan. Deciding your shade should be the first thing on your mind, light ? medium? or extra dark? Also take a look at google reviews of different spray tanners in your area and find the correct one for yourself.

Never ever shave or wax before you go for a spray tan as the tan can go into the pores causing discoloration and sensitivity to your skin! Shave or wave 2 to 3 day before and try to remember this rule as it will save you from being extremely itchy lol.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

You want to get the best out of your spray tan and have a nice shade and longevity of the tan, to do this you must scrub away the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin in a bath or shower 1 day before your spray tan is applied, you can use a body brush and gently brush away at your legs and arms, concentrating on ankles, knees and elbows. You must cleanse you face of all makeup and avoid deodorant after your wash, as any product on your body can interfere with the tans development.

Wear black clothes! Tan will make a mess of your clothes once you get dressed so your better off wearing something loose fitting and black for the onwards as the tan is still setting. If you wear tight fighting black clothes tis could result in lines on your body 😦 Not a good look at all.

If possible wear nail polish as it protects nails from decolouration, before your bath or shower paint your nails your favourite colour. Neon’s look fabulous with a tan 😉

Another little tip is to look at the different brands of fake tan that salons have on offer, not all spray tan ingredients are the same and you need to research especially if you have allergies. Some fake tans have argan oil in them and some people are allergic and it causes extreme itching all over ! If you have had a bad reaction before don’t let let that put you off trying again, its just a lesson.