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Hello lovely, welcome to my MIND page! I thought it was very important to include a mental health page as looking after mental health is part of our self care, part of our beauty! You may have the perfect beauty regime but what about your mental health ? When was the last time you thought about yourself, your mind?
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What is MIND anyway ?
The mind is the set of faculties responsible for mental phenomena. Often the term is also identified with the phenomena themselves. These faculties include thought, imagination, memory, will and sensation.
Tidy up your mind
Think of it as a “tidy up” only for your mind, having good mental health is sort of like tidying up your room or living room. Look at what items are not needed anymore, clear out. Make new space, move things around. Tidy up your thoughts ? ask yourself which thoughts do I think on repeat and are these positive for my goals in life… if not get rid! I know that example sounds easy but that`s just the basics.. mental health is hard, complex and not easy. I will be a long road to recovering a healthy mind, its worth it. Start small.

How do you ask for help?
How to take the step to ask for mental help can be very scary, some do not want to burden family members and friends with fear of rejection and judgement. You can go anonymous online and post in forums etc for some advice or reach out to a charity. Your details are not shared. You can also tell your gp who will have lots of links to organisations who can help you. Asking for help is a good thing and there is so much help available to help you start enjoying life again.

Mental Health Charities





Self-care activities you can do at home to improve mental health

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