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Welcome to all things feet! You have entered the foot care zone of beauty banter blog. Did you know woman are far more likely to suffer foot and ankle issues because of the shoes we wear ? Heels!! Get some great tips and tricks below….

Vinegar Foot Soak | DIY | Get rid of foot odor & toenail fungis with this simple foot soak! – Get rid of foot odor/foot bacteria with this simple trick, all you have to add is vinegar!

DIY | Pain Relief Foot Soak | Get Rid of Foot Ache – Fantastic foot soak to relieve you of the aches and pains, only 2 ingredients needed!

10 tips to keep your feet healthy and beautiful – Fab easy tips to keep your feet healthy!

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Foot Product Reviews

Tea Tree & Peppermint foot pack | 20 minute treatment 👌