Welcome to the Self-care section of beauty banter blog. Self care is an essential part of life and it is not selfish, on this page there are many different fun ideas and tips that you can add to your own self care routine. I hope you find inspiration and find something that works best for you!
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Self care for less stress and anxiety | Advice and Ideas – Some advice on why self care is really important to de-stress and great for your mental health. Please don`t push yourself.

Hosting a Self-Care party for your friends | The new trend | Ideas & activity`s – Brilliant money saving hacks for throwing a self-care party for mates, sharing and having a laugh at the same time.

How to create a self-care bath ! Ideas and Inspiration – Make a self-care bath for yourself or someone you care about, some ideas and tips to get you going.

Feng shui in your bedroom for self care and mental clarity – Use the power of this ancient practice to create a positive bedroom and mental clarity.

20 Self-Care ideas to kickstart your Self – Care Routine – Kickstart your self-care with these amazing ideas to get you inspired, from how to get an evening away from the kids to multitasking to get more stuff done for yourself in a busy schedule.

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Lymphatic drainage massage | Drain toxins out your body Learn about this amazing therapy and how it can drain toxins from your body and increase your well being.

The benefits of indian head massage | History & origins – Book yourself in for a fantastic indian head massage, all the benefits are in this post and you will sure be wanting this treatment as part of your self-care regime.

Tired of Being Tired ? | Guest Post by kevin Whitelaw LRSC, M.Sc., DSFH – Feeling tired ? Read this informative guest post by kevin whitelaw, he will let you know whats going on in your brain and help you to on the way to a better quality of sleep with his expertise.

10 science backed benefits of drinking more water daily – From helping you recover from a hangover or lose weight, drinking more water much be added to your self care routine.

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Journaling for self-care | Keep a self-care and reflection diary | How to get started – have you heard about self-care journaling before ? A growing trend of expressing your feelings and working through problems by writing thoughts and feeling down. Read this guide to find out why its different from just a plain old diary.

What does PMS do to a woman ? | Your Guide to Premenstrual syndrome – Get angry and depressed before your period starts ? You may have PMS, read this handy guide on the ins and outs of PMS and also about the history of the syndrome.