Self care for less stress and anxiety | Advice and Ideas

Any activity that makes you feel more relaxed can lift your mood and help you to de-stress. A self-care routine can be very uplifting. Do you have a self care routine that you do on a regular basis ?

A self care routine can help reduce your stress levels and improve your life & happiness. So lets get cracking with some cool ideas to get you started off.

You can do self care everyday or you can have a whole day dedicated to self care, such as self care sundays! In todays world we work ourself`s into the ground to impress our bosses, its important to take time for YOURSELF.

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Some ideas to add to your self-care routine could be :

Putting off your phone for a few hours at the weekend.

Have a sleep in once a week.

Have a movie night all to yourself and eat a takeaway.

Have a family dinner night once a week.

Take a bubble bath and put on some lovely music in the background.

Find a new coffee shop!

Go for a massage.

Write a list of everything you have accomplished in life

If you don`t want to do self-care alone you can do it with your friends by hosting a self care party , click here to find some ideas and inspiration.


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