Hosting a Self-Care party for your friends | The new trend | Ideas & activity`s 🥳🥳🥳

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Baby showers, birthdays etc. These get togethers can be fun but stressful. There is a new alternative ” self care partys ” Filled with laughter and relaxing treatments your mates are sure to love this idea. Self care parties can be hosted monthly at a different friends house each time, to give each other turns of hosting it. Or you can simply throw one each month for your workmates to de-stress. Whatever way you want to do it, these type of night in will be a success.

No bars, no taxis home. Just at home chilling with your girls.

Food, drink and decoration ideas!

Big table in the self care room of choice, add large bowls of crisps and chocolates. ( ask mates to bring snacks to share or home cooking to give out to the girlies )

Make sure that all mobile phones are put off and away !! No phone at all !!!

Wine! One big glass of wine ( or two ) or ask mates to bring own drink ( save money ching ching )

Lovely wine glasses or paper cups of cola or fanta etc.

Beanbags or a good sitting are set up infront of tv for watching movies ( girls need to be relaxed ) Plenty of cushions etc.

Cant decide on a movie, Write a list and then close your eyes and pick one out at random.

Have some old makeup or beauty products bring them out in a box for your friends to use, have a laugh giving each other makeovers!

Face masks and foot masks can be a laugh to put on.. then you can sit and have a laugh while you all paint your nails.

Ask your friends to bring old clothes and do a small clothes try on and swap ( this can be very funny )

Try out yoga poses!! or do a yoga pose challenge.

Games… truth or dare games will bring in a good laugh. Pass the parcel can be fun, you can wrap up some beauty products and let there be prizes !!

Cake!! self care cake instead of birthday cake ( its basically a birthday cake lol ) You can grab a nice birthday cake at marks and spencers and share it out on the night for a laugh.

What about a meal?. You can cook for the girls and do a surprise meal for all of them before the madness begins. You can also have some friends bring home cooking along to share out. Alternatively you can get a bargain bucket meal from kfc and all share the bill. Everyone can add £ 5 pound in to get a big takeaway ( saving the pennies ) this can be a fab way to get a large takeaway for everyone without one person footing the bill.

Let the girls know via messaging the exact night and time to arrive, also what to bring along such as booze, cakes or a £ 5 pound note to add to the takeaway fund. get the word out at least 2 weeks in advance.

Top tip

The best tip is for everyone to bring along something to share on the night, such as food or beauty products, that way there will be far more to go around and everyone will benefit when working together to create a brilliant night in!

Hope you feel inspired by this post xx


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