Primark | Wave Curler | Review

Primark`s 2021 hair range has been amazing so far with new trends in hair care such as hair wavers being so popular. Primark are selling hair wavers for only 14 pounds which is a bargain compared to other brands hair wavers on the market. I put this to the test to see if the results are salon perfect!

Wave curlers are much harder to operate than other styling tools because they are so chunky and if you have long hair you will need to section your hair off into quadrants and pull it to the front so you can style, if you have really long hair id suggest getting a friend to help you. Before using this always brush through your hair and spray in a heat protector ( heat damage is real ) click here to read about heat protectors and heat damage if your interested.

If you would like to see a visual on how to use a hair waver click here to see my post on mermaid hair tutorials!


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