Alternative uses for nail polish remover 🤔😇

We all have nail polish remover at home, although there are many different uses which can come in handy while you are looking after your home. If you have any tips let us know in the comment section!

Marker pens!

Drawings on walls in pen, or marker pens ? use nail polish remover on a cotton pad and scrub away. Same goes for couches or other household items. Kids spilled ink on floors etc…

Bath or shower cleaner

Dilute nail polish remover in some water, then scrub away at your bath to remove stains, also use on tiles around the shower, anywhere with grime or stains.

Removing stickers

Sometimes you get labels on household items, stickers that when peeled leave a little residue that you try to pick at…. use nail polish remover…bingo…

Shine and clean shoes

Dilute in water and with some kitchen roll scrub away at your shoes.

Clean your kitchen floor tiles

Scrub nail polish remover onto any stains on your kitchen floor…. use warm water to wash away !


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